Dieqiao Feng (冯迭乔)

Phd Candidate in Computer Science
Cornell University

Email: dqfeng@cs.cornell.edu
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I an a PhD candidate at Cornell University and am co-advised by Prof. Bart Selman and Prof. Carla P. Gomes. This is my Curriculum Vita.

I am broadly interested in using modern machine learning algorithms to solve hard combinatorial domains, such as PSPACE single-agent planning, plan optimization, and automated theorem proving. I aim to develop generalizable frameworks that can do long-term reasoning, global and hierarchical planning, and algorithm abstraction from plans.

I received my bachelor degree from Tsinghua University, where I was a member of Yao Class.

My main research interests lie within deep learning with cognitive aspect,
and I am particularly interested in the intersection between neuroscience and knowledge reasoning.

Publications and Manuscripts

Education / Experience